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  • PCB Fabrication

    PCB Fabrication

    PHILIFAST is a professional circuit board manufacturer that provides multiple varieties circuit board manufacturing services. As a one-stop PCB manufacturing and assembly service provider with more than ten years of import and export history,Through the joint efforts of all employees, PHILIFAST has developed into a Chinese printed circuit board technology leader .
  • Parts Sourcing

    Parts Sourcing

    PHILIFAST provides high- quality brand electronic components BOM matching services, has a systematic and efficient component supply chain, and realizes low-cost PCB assembly for customers. We have a professional BOM engineering team to review the original BOM data of customers.


    The factory's production process meets environmental protection requirements, equipped with various production and testing equipment, good electrostatic measures, and full computer testing, which can meet the manufacturing requirements of precision electronic products. Have a complete and scientific quality management system.
  • PCB Layout & Clone

    PCB Layout & Clone

    PHILIFAST has a professional PCB cloning technology team and many years of practical experience. Involved in various electronic fields. PCB clone is to use reverse research and development technology to reversely analyze the circuit board, and restore the original product's PCB files, bill of materials (BOM) files, schematic files and other technical files, as well as PCB silk screen production files, and then reuse them.
  • IC Programming

    IC Programming

    PHILIFAST not only provides customers with one- stop PCB manufacturing and assembly services, but also provides customers with IC programming services. Our professional engineering team can program the designated IC according to customer requirements. Customers provide complete burning information, burning instructions, and burning tool books.
  • Function Testing

    Function Testing

    Usually, after the circuit board is assembled and completed AOI and appearance inspection, we usually recommend the customer to provide a complete test method to do the final functional test on the finished board before packaging and shipping by our company. PHILIFAST has a professional PCB Functional Test (FCT) team. Functional testing enables us to find and correct component failures, assembly defects or potential design problems before shipment, and do effective troubleshooting and maintenance.

who is philifast

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Shenzhen Philifast Electron Co., Ltd. Found in 2005. Through more than 10 years of continuous development, the company has introduced the most advanced production equipment, and established a professional engineering team, accumulated abundant experience of production and management during the production. Our company has complete quality management system, a full set of supply chain system, and achieved large-scale production. Our customers market cover all over the world, the main products and technologies are exported to European and American markets. All products comply with IPC and UL standards.

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√  Lower your cost: Turnkey PCBA Assembly; BOM Solution To Reduce The Cost; Professional Advice For Your Design Optimization

√  Quality Assurance: ISO14001, IATF16949, UL Certificated; 100% AOI/E-Testing/X-ray/Software Programming and Function Test Supported

√  Best Customer Service: 24 Hours Online; Timely Aftersales Feedback In 12 Hours; Professional Technical Support;

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Development history:
• 2018——Opening of Shenzhen PCBA & Turnkey manufacturing factory.
• 2017——Expanding business to 5 SMT production line.
• 2016——ISO14001 Certificated.
• 2015——The Opening of PCB assembly factory in Shenzhen.
• 2012——IATF16949, ISO13485, ISO9001, UL Certificated.
• 2008——The opening of PCB factory in Henan.
• 2005——PHILIFAST Electronics Found.

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PCBs are comply with ISO9001, TS16949, UL, CE and RoHS Certificate. PCB SMT assembly compliant ISO9001, PDCA and IPC-A-610E. We serve for our clients around the world. Our comprehensive quality management system get too much improved to meet customer’s requirement.
• ISO9001:2008 Quality Management
• 100% Incoming Inspection by IQC
• 100% AOI Inspection
• 100% E-Testing
• IPCII and IPCIII standard for acceptance

  • about

MISSION: Our mission is to provide professional electronics manufacturing service and low- cost circuit board custom solution with high quality for each of our customer.

We deal with thousands of customers annually, we know how to serve our customers well:
• Quality guaranteed
• Lower cost for turn-key PCB & PCBA custom service
• No MOQ requirement
• 99% customer satisfaction rate
• Free engineer query and DFM check by professional engineer team

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